Dr. Tamara Caulkins, Historian

Tamara Headshot DSCN7980 Oct 2016Tamara Caulkins, Ph.D. History of Science graduate of Oregon State University, works on the intersections of natural history, culture, and the body in eighteenth-century France. Studying bourgeois values in Buffon’s encyclopedic Histoire Naturelle led her to examine scientific approaches to becoming an aristocrat that were forwarded during the period as wealthy elites sought to better themselves socially. These methods included the invention of elaborate systems of diagrammatic notations for court dance, military drill, and dressage. She is currently working on her first book based on her dissertation, The Science of Becoming Noble: Rationalizing Aristocracy through Diagrammatic Notations for Dance and Drill in the Age of Enlightenment and starting a new project on the history of greenhouses. She co-authored an article in the Sept. 2020 issue of Isis, the History of Science Society journal, entitled “Co-teaching Botany and History: An Interdisciplinary Model for a More Inclusive Curriculum” and presented for the HSS Virtual Forum 2020 on the roundtable, “Teaching Beyond the Canon of the History of Science.” Her CV can be found here.

Dr. Caulkins is currently on the faculty of the Douglas Honors College at Central Washington University. Her courses include “The Nature of Beasts: Animals in History and Science” and “Sites for Science: A History of the Laboratory.”

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